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Request for purchase of equipment


We support projects that research, monitor and conserve African wildlife; cultivating respect and understanding between people, animals and the environment.

Please note, Worth Wild Africa does not fund projects - we fund equipment for projects. 


1. WWA is approached by a potential project applicant with a project proposal.

2. Applicants are asked to complete our project agreement document and project application form and email both documents to

3. All applications for purchase of project equipment go through our Advisory Panel for comprehensive review and approval. 

4. On approval, the applicant is requested to provide a purchase order for the equipment / items required and payment is made. 

5. All projects are documented with photographs and recipients are required to provide feedback of the impact of the donation.




  1. The maximum value of grants for equipment per application, excluding delivery, is US $2000.

  2. Only one successful application per project per year permitted; no more than two successful applications per project.

  3. Applications for cash will not be considered.

  4. Applications should be completed in full and returned via email to

  5. WWA will email applicants confirming receipt and providing a provisional date of notification of the outcome of the application.

  6. All applications are reviewed by the appropriate members of the WWA Advisory panel. No updates will be provided during the review process.

  7. Once the application has been reviewed, applicants will be notified by the WWA office of the decision.

  8. If successful, applicants will be contacted directly to discuss the purchase, provision and delivery of the equipment applied for.


N.B. On occasion, equipment to a value in excess of $2000 may be available if, for example, a benefactor donates and dedicates a larger sum to a specific species, project or profession, or where an accumulating fund for these specific areas is established and exceeds $1000. These specific funds will be posted on the WWA website/social media pages as they become available and appropriate applications invited.





  1. All equipment supplied under the WWA purchase scheme will remain the property of WWA and, where appropriate, must be surrendered back to WWA at WWA’s expense at the end of the agreed period of use for re-use by other WWA-supported projects.

  2. In the event that an application is successful, it is a condition of acceptance that the recipient(s) provide photos and short update reports to WWA for inclusion in WWA’s website, social media and fundraising activities.

  3. Where projects, studies or professional applications of the provided equipment concern endangered species or local, national or international ‘political’ sensitivities, WWA commits to maintaining total confidentiality about the location of the equipment’s application and personnel involved in any publicity, (e.g. the location and nature of any activity involving or affecting pangolins, rhinos, undercover anti-poaching or illegal wildlife trade operations etc).

To apply, please download and fill in the following documents, emailing them to

WWA project agreement

WWA project application

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