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2023 Addax Appeal

Updated: Jan 16

A WWA appeal to support the purchase of practical equipment to help conserve the Addax, the unique spiral-horned antelope of the Sahara

Target (15 Dec 2023): $1500

UPDATE: Total donations received (16 January 2024): $3000

The stunning Addax (Addax nasomaculatus) is the most desert-adapted African antelope, able to derive moisture from dew and its food of grasses and browse and so survive in a range of stony desert and semi-arid regions. The only member of its genus, it used to range across most of the Sahara but is now only found in scattered residual populations in Chad, Niger and Mauritania.

Long hunted traditionally for its meat, which is considered a regional delicacy, and its skin and long spiral horns as trophies, the Addax has also long been systematically eliminated by farmers trying to protect grazing for their cattle. However, since the last quarter of the 20th century, the majority have been lost due to the horrors of poaching from motorised vehicles.

The largely nocturnal Addax was already listed as critically endangered and reduced to an estimated population of 500 before the current military upheaval in Niger and ongoing turmoil in the region. Today it’s believed that fewer than 100 of this beautiful iconic desert species remain in the wild.

The security of the Addax is not in peril globally as there are several thousand Addax thriving and breeding in captivity, especially in the USA. One of our key supporters for this project, Hemker Park and Zoo in Minnesota, has been instrumental in helping to preserve the species and raise public awareness of their plight in the wild. Hemker’s hope is that one day some American-born-and-raised Addax might form part of a reintroduction programme when their safety and protection can be better assured in the Sahara.

Looking to the future

Studies of Addax in the wild are crucial to the future conservation of the Addax and essential for the establishment of protected survival zones for Addax reintroduction.

Please help WWA to buy equipment to assist the amazing conservationists in organisations working in unbelievably difficult practical and political conditions in the field to create better opportunities for the future for this beautiful iconic antelope to regain a secure foothold in its natural habitat.

More info on the Addax:

Note: The precarious situation of the species and the fragility of the political environment in the region means that WWA will only decide which specific organisation/project to donate equipment to on the advice of our expert advisory panel when we see which agency is best able to receive and utilise that help once the appeal target is reached.

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