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Snakes in Swakopmund

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

WWA donates US$480 to snake rescue education and handling programme

The Living Desert Snake Park in Swakopmund (Namibia) is home to 63 reptiles of various species. Most of these animals are indigenous to Namibia and have come from the wrong side of an interaction with humans. A few are unwanted pets.

In Namibia there is a huge fear of reptiles due to many superstitious beliefs which have been passed down over generations - snakes are killed on sight. The Snake Park provides a rescue service to people (and snakes) when snakes appear in unwanted locations. Those which can be treated and released back into the wild are released and those which can’t are given a safe home and assist in the Snake Park’s education programme.

The Snake Park provides training courses to mines and government departments on how to identify snakes and how to capture and relocate them safely.

The Living Desert Snake Park sees over 6500 school children a year, mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Snake Park staff teach them about the value and wonder of reptiles and dispel myths and superstition. The more people they can reach the more likely people will at least think twice before reflexively killing any reptile.

Worth Wild Africa is proud to be able to support the Park with funding for equipment for their snake rescue education and handling programmes.

Find out more about their work on Facebook:

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