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Big5Drive Laptop for Lemurs

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Thanks to the generous donors of our Big5 Drive, Worth Wild Africa has purchased a laptop for GERP (Groupe d’étude et de recherche sur les primates de Madagascar) to assist in the conservation and protection of the many lemur species they are working with.

DID YOU KNOW? While most people only know about Ring Tailed Lemurs, there are now 112 species identified in Madagascar.

The newest lemur species discovered is Microcebus jonahi lemur (image top left), named for prominent Malagasy primatologist Jonah Ratsimbazafy who dedicated his life to studying and protecting Madagascar’s endemic lemurs. This tiny 60-gram primate is the 25th recognized species of mouse lemur and the 108th recognized species of lemur.

Jonah's mouse lemur lives in northeastern Madagascar, including within the protected Mananara National Park. Read more about this amazing little lemur here:

We look forward to hearing of new finds, ongoing conservation wins and wish the GERP team great progress in 2024!


GERP focuses on the scientific study of lemurs, including the study of their geographical distribution, the implementation of conservation plans, and participation in the discovery of new species. They also translocate animals weakened by the destruction of their habitat to protected areas and zoos. Since 2008, GERP has been managing the Maromizaha forest in eastern Madagascar. This 1880 hectare forest is home to important wildlife but local villagers continue to extract resources from the park to meet their needs. For this reason, GERP’s responsibilities include patrolling the park, increasing enforcement, undertaking reforestation programming, and working to increase awareness in the region about alternative livelihoods and the value of nature.

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