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August 2022: Caracal radio-collaring and GPS monitoring in the Greater Pilanesberg

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

$1500 donated for Radio Collar equipment including a generous contribution from Eric Sandbacka of Finland

A female caracal named Nzima and her young male kit were confiscated from illegal wildlife traders with the help of North West Nature Conservation and law enforcement. The caracal and kit were transferred to the Greater Pilanesberg Region in the North West province of South Africa and housed in a safe rehabilitation boma.

Once recovered and her kit matured, Nzima was darted and fitted with a Superlite Iridium Satellite and GPS collar and then released with her kit into a safe reserve in the area.

The radio collar enabled researchers to monitor her movements and behaviour as she explored and established her new territory with the overall aim of contributing to the knowledge pool of how better to understand and conserve her species.



Sadly Nzima passed away within a few months of being released, but her collar gave the reserve valuable insight into her movements, territory and behaviour. The collar was retrieved and will be reused for another project in the future.

Read all about it on the official report:

Download PDF • 1.98MB


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