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March 2021: African wild dog radio collaring, one year's GPS monitoring, vaccinations & health check

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

$2100 worth of equipment donated to Madikwe Wildlife Foundation RSA kindly donated by Christelle van der Merwe of South Africa and Stella Grgic and Peter Neville of Croatia

A young female African wild dog named Stella (for our Founder from Finland) was darted during a habitual feeding and fitted with a Satellite GPS collar to help monitor seasonal movements of her pack and their social behaviour to better understand how to conserve this Cites Red List endangered species.

Stella went on to produce a litter of 7 puppies and so vital information was also gathered about pack movements at this time to different environments and the development of the puppies.

Meet some of the pack in the reserve.

Below: Data from Stella's collar

WWA is very proud indeed to support such amazing technological advances in practical wild conservation, monitoring and management.


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