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Nov 2021: Spotted Hyena radio collaring, one year's GPS monitoring, vaccinations & health check

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

$1700 worth of equipment as a contribution towards the cost of a radio-collar, veterinary time, drugs and equipment kindly donated by Rae Safaris, and Stella Grgic and Peter Neviile of Croatia to the Madikwe Wildlife Foundation in South Africa.

The Madikwe Wildlife Foundation is focused on conserving the uniquely free wildlife in the large ‘Big Five’ private and exclusive Madikwe Game Reserve in the North West province of South Africa. Naura, named by WWA co-founder Stella Grgic as Naura means ‘to love’ in her native Swedish, was the first Spotted Hyena there to be darted and fitted with a Satellite GPS collar.

This will help the MWF to monitor her movements and social behaviour with other hyenas and study the social impact of closed breeding populations. This study also contributes to a dissertation by a French Masters’ student studying conservation methodology and veterinary science.

Video: The hyena was brought closer by broadcasting an animal distress call.

Above: the team at work


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