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2023 Trimming rhino horns

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

US$9000 donated to ongoing rhino horn trimming over 3-year period.

Did you know that rhino horns grow like all keratin? Rhino horns need trimming every 12-18 months and it's not a small job, involving a full team of vets, trackers, helicopter pilots, rangers and special tools.

We are grateful for ongoing donations to WWA which means we are able to fund horn trimming projects. A May 2023 donation saw three rhino horn trims take place. Here's an insider look into of one of the trims with Michael Rae and guide colleague Gavin Sims with the rhino above.

Click on the images in the gallery for more and watch our "live" update below.

Ongoing donations during 2023 ensure that more trims can be done. As at July 2023, $9000 has been put into this project.

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