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WWA Big5Drive funds resources to reduce elephant-human conflict

WWA supports innovative natural projects by Elephants Alive to reduce human conflict and protect local agriculture in Mozambique and South Africa.


Superb donations to our Big Five Drive Appeal in 2023 from Nova Wild, Hemker Park and Zoo, The Kuzo Group, Rae Safaris  and many private donors enabled WWA to support conservation and research projects for five selected species across five countries. This included support for the work of Elephants Alive to protect and manage the iconic African Elephant and vitally help local people effectively and humanely to overcome some of the conflicts that arise where they share land together.


WWA donations have proved pivotal in purchasing needed resources including torches (flashlights), tents and other equipment. Some of the projects that Elephants Alive has implemented successfully include watchtowers, flashing lights, bee hives, planting of disliked plants and distribution of smelly repellant to reduce elephant-human conflict.

Powerful GamePro Marsh 6 torches help villagers in Mozambique’s Namaacha region locate and scare away elephants from crops from the safety of the newly built watchtower. Tents and other equipment have been utilised on two missions to date enabling the EA team to stay on site and consult with community headmen to the west of the Kruger National Park, and instal various barriers and deterrents to keep the elephants out of local cultivation plots.

Lots of posts have been driven in to site lines of beehives: elephants hate bees and actively avoid the sound of them, and honey is added to the list of local produce with this simple approach once farmers are trained in hive management. Flashing lights and metal strips, and the widespread planting of lemon grass plants also help to deter elephants from crops, along with the application of a special ‘smelly elephant repellent’ around the farms. This "demon brew" of chilli pepper, garlic, ginger and cow dung helps to repel hungry elephants in a natural, non-invasive way.

Above: Bee hive, sticks, flashing light and smelly brew


Your donations have helped WWA to support Elephants Alive's B.E.A.C.O.N & Mozambique corridor project and the protection of both elephants and the crops of rural communities with some wonderfully innovative, locally productive and natural eco-friendly approaches. Read more about their amazing work in the latest Elephants Alive 2023 Annual Report, packed with fabulous detailed information about their amazing work that we are so proud to help support.

More information about Elephants Alive:



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